PS3 Tools Collection v4.8.1

PS3 Tools Collection berisi lengkap berbagai tool PS3 yang dibuat oleh pengembang Aldo’s Tool, PS3 Tool sangat penting untuk anda yang membutuhkan berbagai tool ps3 dalam satu paket.

PS3 Tools Collection by Aldo’s Tools

– PS3 Content ID (view/extract/resign/repack PKG/SELF files)
– lastGAME Customizer (create PKG that mount games from XMB)
– PS2 Classics GUI (A frontend for ps2classic tool)
– PSP2PS3 GUI (Convert PSP games to PS3 minis)
– BruteForce Save Data, Edat & Klicensee tools
– PS3 Cheats Editor (Manage your cheats/fix eboots)
– PS3 RIP (save space removing unneeded files from PS3 GAMES)
– PARAM.SFO Editor (view/convert SFO/SFX)
– PS3 Game Updates (download official updates)
– PS3 File Splitter (join/split files larger than 4GB)
– PS3 Game Integrity (validate files/calc hashes)

Additional tools included:
– PS3 Tools Menu (Organize your tools)
– PS3 FTP Client (browse/transfer files/rip games on PS3)
– PS3 FTP Data Sync (Backup & synchronize PS3 folders on PC)
– PS3 Games Database (Build your own database of games)
– PS3 PSARC (view/extract/create PSARC files)
– Game Settings Manager (Configure multiMAN’s game settings)
– mmRAS & PS3 NET Server (access multiMAN from a PC & vis.)
– mmDM (Remote game mounter for DEX consoles)
– mmTM GUI (create THM theme files for multiMAN)
– PS3 ConsoleID (get idps/PSID from LV1/LV2 dumps)
– BdEmu Partition Tool (Add slots to DEX BdEmu disks)
– Create_PS3_EXTRA (Adds a nice XMB menu for DLC/Patches)
– Renam (Change name of game folders to Name [TITLEID])
– PS3 Keys (Create keys/raps, convert/validate keys)


PS3 Tools Collection (Mediafire)

PS3 Tools Collection (Mega)


Langkah Install :

  • Download PS3 tools.exe
  • Jalankan atau instal program
  • Untuk menjalankan program butuh VB5Runtime
  • Selesai

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