Ps3 Error Codes

Ketika kita menjalankan console playstation 3 dan tanpa sengaja terjadi kesalahan atau juga terjadi eror pada console playstation 3 itu sendiri maka akan memunculkan kode eror yang dikenal dengan error codes.Kode kode tersebut memiliki arti yang berbeda beda yang sebenarnya dapat membantu kita dalam menganalisa kesalahan yang terjadi.

Berikut beberapa kode eror dan artinya pada playstation 3 :

  • 80710102 – DNS Error; No DNS server available.
  • 8001050B – Will not play demo hard drive games, when blue-ray disc is inserted – Cause unknown
  • 80010510 – Will not play hard drive games – Cause unknown
  • 8002b241 – DVI has no audio.
  • 80028EA5 – Unknown
  • 80029023 – Exchanging Key Information exchange has timed out
  • 80029024 – The attempt to obtain an IP address has timed out
  • 80029564 – Downloaded Game will not install – Cause unknown
  • 8002F997 – Cannot update XMB firmware
  • 8003051E – Game will not Save
  • 80031150 – System Settings Fail to Save – Possible Blue Screen “Setting information is corrupted.Tekan tombol X untuk merepair dan restore default.
  • 80130203 – PS3 connects to internet but not to network – Typically means that the required ports are not open to connect to store but PS3 can connect to internet.
  • 80710092 – “An error has occurred. you’ve been signed out from the ps network” (connection dropped?)
  • 80710102 – PS3 Cannot connect to the router with current IP information – Try rebooting your router
  • 80710541 – The connection to the server timed out.
  • 80710B23 – PS3 Network is Down or PS3 Network is too busy to respond
  • 80710D23 – Turn the PS3 off for a bit (30 minutes give or take) with the power toggle (not standby mode).
  • 80029024 – “Cannot Obtain an IP address”.
  • 80028EA5 – Unknown – User cannot connect to PS3 network.
  • 8001050B – “Will not play demo hard drive games, (when blue-ray disc is inserted) – cause unknown”.
  • 8002F997 – Trying to Update the Firmware, copying to a file and installing from a USB drive failed”.
  • 80710016 – Playstation Network is down.
  • 8013013E – WEP Key error, change WEP key to all numbers (on router homepage) and try again, or which to WPA.
  • 8013030F – Check Router Page, SSID Broadcasting possibly off.
  • 8002F994 – To many people downloading the update just sit back until the morning around 5am – 11am and you should be able to get it.
  • 80410A0B – Internal PSP error, hardware fault. Send back to be replaced/fixed.
  • 80028F10 – Go to Display Settings then HDMI (or whatever your connection is) and choose Automatic, not Custom. I always had it on Custom before.
  • 8002A705 – Unable to connect to server/host. Periksa konfigurasi router port.
  • 80030920 – An error occurred during the copy operation. The file may be corrupt or there isn’t enough memory. Cobalah menyalin data dari sumber aslinya.

Semoga beberapa error codes Ps3 tersebut dapat membantu dan bermanfaat bagi anda yang membutuhkannya.

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