Instal Game Super Mario War 1.8 r4 di PS3 HEN HFW4.85

Super Mario War PS3 Port by lachrymose

Game Super Mario War ini sudah test dan berjalan untuk PS3 HEN – HFW 4.85 HEN v3.0 , jika PS3 Anda masih dalam posisi OFW silahkan update ke HFW dan kemudian update HEN untuk bisa menginstal format pkg.

Tested :
– SuperSlim on HFW 4.85.1 using HEN v3.0.0


-EBOOT got f*cked when repacking, recompiled and resigned it. Now it should work fine.
-Made a background with game assets so it fits better the game
-Fixed the game icon (again)

and that’s it, I just couldn’t stand the previous icon/wallpaper.

 Automatically installs ‘smw’ folder to ‘/dev_hdd0/game/SMW00PS33/USRDIR/’ and code changed to read that folder from there.
 Fixed XMB icon proportions.
 Added XMB wallpaper.
 Changed name in PARAM.SFO from ‘SuperMarioWar’ to ‘Super Mario War’


Langkah instal Super Mario War di PS3 HEN – HFW 4.85

  • Download file pkg super mario war, copy file pkg ke dalam usb/hd eksternal FAT32
  • silahkan enable hen
  • masuk ke package manager, instal file pkg
  • selesai

Download link (size: 48 mb)

Super Mario War 1.8 r4 pkg (zippy)

Super Mario War 1.8 r4 pkg (mediafire)

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