Download Open Ps2 Loader 0.93

Open PS2 Loader is a 100% Open source game loader compatible with USB Advance/Extreme game format and also with plain ISO format. It aims to be more compatible with games, and should work without ps2load and DNASXXX.IMG replacement tricks.

Open PS2 Loader also is developed continuously and anyone can contribute improvements to the project.

Open PS2 Loader can load games though USB, network (SMB) and from the PS2’s HDD unit.

It supports all models of the PlayStation 2, and the PlayStation 3 models with PlayStation 2 backward compatibility.

USB games must be unfragmented. If not, they will not work properly.
The compatibility modes have changed (not the same as the HDLoader compatibility modes).
For viewing or making game compatibility reports, please refer to this thread:…t-site-132906/ (Open PS2 Loader Compatibility List (Site))

Download Link : 10.3 MB El_Patas 6.2 MB El_Patas 4.1 MB El_Patas 2.0 MB El_Patas 2.0 MB El_Patas 1.3 MB El_Patas 334.9 KB izdubar 260.5 KB izdubar 259.7 KB izdubar

Alternate Link (mediafire) : 10.3 MB 6.2 MB 4.1 MB 2.0 MB 2.0 MB 1.3 MB 334.9 KB 260.5 KB 259.7 KB

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