Ps2 BIN2ISO V0.1

PS2 BIN2ISO adalah sebuah tools untuk ps2 yang digunakan di PC untuk mengkonvert file game ps2 dari file bin ke format iso game ps2.

PS2 BIN2ISO di rilis oleh kratos,berikut rincian

ps2bin to isoHi , this is a little tool i coded.

It converts PS2 games in BIN format to ISO format.The most useful usage of this would be CD games for OPL , and usage with USBeXtreme which only accepts .ISO.

This IS only for PS2 games, and creates a 100% working .ISO file. ALL LBA stay intact.

Usage is pretty simple:

When pressing the convert button ,it seems that nothing is happening but in fact , it is working , you will be greated with a info prompt.

A progress bar will be implemented in later versions.

It works better than converting with ULTRAISO or mounting etc… and hope jay-jay will find this useful.

Download PS2 BIN2ISo


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