OpenPs2Loader_0.91 ChangeLog

Openps2loader 0.9 rev 641 (juli 2012)

OpenPs2Loader_0,91 Changelog

Open PS2 Loader ChangeLog:

Version 0.9
rev641(Jul 2012)
* various fixes
* added configurable USB delay (increase this value to avoid stucking on yellow or orange screen when using USB mode)
* added delay to CDVDMAN functions (initially for Shadow Heart 2)
* compatibility mode 7 which is unused now (remove useless code)
* update to comply with the latest PS2SDK
* added better cd tray emulation (fixes A2M games)
* fix for DVD9 games
* added HD Pro support

* various fixes
* Disabled auto-refresh of game list by default
* layout adjustment
* added hidden options to be able to define your own device delay before loading ART/config files
* added skinnable start, select and action buttons
* language files update
* added “list share” feature: select one share from the list and connect it to display the games
* added ETH Prefix
* Support for Right-to-Left scripting (Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Tifinar, … languages)
* automatically create the CFG folder
* Configuration related to DNAS/VMC/DMA/COMPAT are now saved in single per game files on each media
* added a delay before loading per-game config file (same as Art, to not spam when navigating very fast)
* hints now display either “Info” or “Run”
* added loading attributes from a per-game file
* added information page
* Mode setting (PAL/NTSC/Auto)
* Longer first-press delay for pads – more comfy controls on max repeat speed
* short ELF name in App list (looks better for most themes)
* Added option to specify the HDD spin down time out
* Added theme support for multiple fonts
* configurable IGR path (limited to 32 characters)
* switch default background mode to “Art”

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