IDPS Dumper (PS3 NAND / NOR ) – 4.81/4.82 OFW Compatible

Proyek ambisius yang sedang marak di bicarakan pada forum forum luar yakni PS3Xploit, Sesuai dengan pengumuman dari developer PS3Xploit OFW 4.81 pada update terbaru v0.2.3 support untuk PS3 OFW 4.82.

UPDATE v0.2.3- IDPS Dumper for 4.82 OFW​

  • Added 4.82 Support
  • Removed all extra requirements like JQuery..
  • Removed the need for string relocations to improve the initial memory search process & overall trigger times.
Set-up Steps:
  1. Setup a small Web server on pc or smartphone. The Python http server is not required for most users, it was provided for developers. Since v0.2.3, all other extra requirements have been removed. Don’t come to us for explanations about how to run a http server though. Google it.​
  2. Extract the files in your http server root folder.​
  3. Put a fat32 USB key in port closest to BD Drive (/dev_usb000).​
  4. Open the ps3 browser & write the ip address of your server (and the port if not 80).​
  5. Run until ps3 beeps & shutdown. The idps should be on your USB drive as idps.bin.​
– Downloads –
  • MD5 Hash: 3c2e1582f52e1002a12ad280f426d0c6
  • SHA-256 Hash: 1c49eabd64275171a60c90f0f06f503b7055f4ff863f87e7960d41464d127443
  • MD5 Hash: 71dd906e585bf470f84f9d4fb10c1f37
  • SHA-256 Hash: d4bffe2b7d08c1dda275590229f86903f1db487e9a78364d6a025c3734cd8f68

Miniweb : download link


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