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Seperti yang sudah dibahas sebelumnya mengenai service playstation,ebook panduan service playstation 3 membahas mengenai trouble shooting pada ps3 secara detail.Mulai dari cara membuka casing console ps3,stick controller,perbaikan ic RSX dan panduan modifikasi ps3 dan modifikasi stick controller ps3.

Berbeda dengan ebook panduan service ps2 yang telah diluncurkan oleh RNB GAME.Panduan service ps3 ini berbahasa inggris dan bukan buatan admin rnb sendiri alias hasil download.Tapi jangan khawatir meskipun berbahasa bukan bahasa kita tapi kita bisa minta bantuan google translate untuk menerjemahkannya.Apa saja isi dari ebook panduan service ps3 tersebut?


  1. PS3 Disassembly
  2. PS3 Controller Disassembly

Fix Common Problems

  1. The Mystery of the Blinking PlayStation 3
  2. The dirt on Blu-ray lens (and how to clean it)
  3. PS3 Owners Report Blu-ray Problems After 1.5 Upgrade
  4. PS3 Bluetooth Controller Issues
  5. Playstation 3 HDMI Problem and Fix!
  6. Display/Video Fixes
  7. PS3 Error Codes (With Some Advice)
  8. How to Change From HDMI > Composite Easier
  9. PS3 3 Beep & Blinking Red Light Fix

PS3 Modifications

  1. PS3 3.5″ SATA HDD Mod
  2. Adding IR Remote Control to the Sony PS3
  3. PS3 HDD Replacement Mini-Guide
  4. USB Flash Memory, USB Hard Drive (External Use)

Controller Modifications

  1. PS3 Controller Light Mod
  2. PS360: Microsoft Controller, Meet Sony Controller
  3. PS3 Controller Light Mod 2
  4. PS3 Controller Button Contacts, Add extra buttons to the PS3 controller

Other Modifications

  1. Charging Station Headset Mod


  1. Decrypt Blu-Ray Movies with a PS3 WITHOUT keys
  2. Blu-Ray Unique Volume Keys
  3. Blu-Ray Media Links
  4. Play BluRay movies without disk FULL INSTRUCTIONS
  5. Convert HD-DVD To Blu-ray (works On PS3), No Loss Of Quality

Other Media/Video

  1. Set up media servers for your PS3
  2. Transfer files from PC to PS3 via WmP11/Nero (via DLNA/MediaServers)
  3. How to stream AVI files on PS3 via Tversity
  4. Copy music/videos from your iPod to PS3
  5. Getting your PS3 to recognize your External Hard Drive
  6. How to create a PS3 HD-MPG from HD-TS (Best Result For Below 1.6FW)
  7. How to install your game saves
  8. Downloading PS3 Game Saves


  1. How to connect PS3 to PC speakers


  1. How to change from ‘NAT type 3’ to ‘NAT type 2’
  2. Make a Lag Switch
  3. Who Needs SIMPLE DNS
  4. Remote Play On-The-Go

Playstation Network

  1. PSN Game Sharing Instructions
  2. How to download Japanese Demos/Create Jap PSN account
  3. Create Different Region PSN Accounts
  4. View PS3 Store, Download Demos on your PC and install Demos To PS3
  5. Play Online And Access Sony Store No Updating
  6. View Playstation store on PC

Firmware Modifications

  1. PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed (Linux)
  2. PS3 Firmware Version Check Bypassed (Windows)
  3. Ettercap Windows
  4. PS3 Demonstration Mode “Unlock” Code
  5. Use SIMPLEDNS To Bypass The Firmware Check (Windows)
  6. How to UPDATE your PS3


  1. How to install Fedora Core 6 Linux for PS3
  2. PS3 Linux – The void has been filled…Full install instructions for Fedora Core 5
  3. PS3 Linux FAQ
  4. GUI Kboot
  5. Yellow Dog Linux Free Version
  6. Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 Installation
  7. Partitioning and readying your PS3 for Linux
  8. Gentoo
  9. Uninstalling Linux
  10. Installing YDL+VLC+Mplayer+Snes9x
  11. Installing Mplayer on PS3
  12. Installing VLC player on PS3
  13. Installing “Other OS” on PS3
  14. How to get Wi-Fi to work with YDL
  15. Set up a Linux UPnP media server w/PS3 support
  16. Run Ubuntu Linux 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) on PS3
  17. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu onto a PlayStation 3
  18. Emulate WinXP in PS3 under Linux


  1. Homebrew Loaders
  2. Linux
  3. Utilities
  4. Firmware Updates
  5.  “Other OS” Bootable Homebrew
  6. Drivers
  7. Proof-Of-Concept Exploits
  8. Game Saves

PS2/PS1 on PS3

  1. Do your PS2 games look too jaggy on the PS3? Here’s a semi-fix…
  2. PS3 SWAP to play PS2 and PSX Games!
  3. How to play/install to play PS2 backups on PS3


  1. PS3 Features
  2. Finding RAM locations on resistance
  3. PS3 Parental Controls How-to
  4.  20 ways to get the most out of your PS3
  5. PS3 BiOS Flash Diagram Rev 1.0 BETA

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