Compatibility Game PS2ESDL 7


Game title Catalog ID PS2ESDL version Remarks V/M/IG/LT performance ratings
Sakura Taisen SLUS-21927 v0.810 OB Working X/X/X/X
Sega Ages 2500 Vol 8 Virtua Racing Flat Out SLPM-62443 v0.800 OB Working. -/5/5/5
Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuden SLPS-25559 v0.804 OB working. -/5/5/4
Sega Ages 2500 Collection Vol. 19: Fighting Vipers SLPM-62606 v0.753 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 29: Monster World Complete Collection SLPM-62760 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Sega Classics Collections SLES-53461 v0.800 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Shadow of the Colossus SCES-53326 v0.821 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
Shining Force EXA SLPM-66646 v0.730 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Shuffle! On The Stage SLPM-66134 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Silent Hill 3 SLES-51434 v0.800 OB Working. FMVs has some stuttering. 4/5/5/4
Sly 2: Band of Thieves SCUS-97316 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Sly 3: Honor among Thieves SCES-53409 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Sly Raccoon SCES-50917 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Smack Down: Here Comes The Pain SLUS-20787 v0.750 CB Working. X/X/X/X
SMT Nocturne SLUS-20911 v0.750 CB Working. X/X/X/X
SMT Persona 4 SLUS-21782 v0.750 CB Working. X/X/X/X
SNK vs Capcom Chaos SLES-53065 v0.744 “Prelim 1” CB Working. X/X/X/X
SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALS SCUS-97275 v0.804 OB working. X/X/X/X
Sonic Unleashed SLPM-65431 v0.800 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Sonic Unleashed SLUS-21846 v0.746B CB Working. X/X/X/X
Soul Eater Battle Resonance SLPS-25912 v0.740 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Spider-Man – Web of Shadows SLUS-21822 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Splinter Cell Double Agent SLUS-21356 v0.803A OB Working. 3/5/5/4
Splinter Cell Double Agent SLES-53826 v0.810 OB Working. FMV stutters, but the voices are clear. X/X/X/X
SSX On Tour SLUS-21278 v0.745B CB Working. No compatibility modes required. X/X/X/X
SSX3 SLUS-20772 v0.807 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
Star Wars: Force Unleashed SLUS-21614 v0.731 CB Working. X/X/X/X
State of Emergency SLUS-20214 v0.737J CB Working. Need to replace KAOS5.PSS and ATTRACT.PSS in the PSS folder with a smaller movie (Either re-encode the originals at a lower bitrate, or replace them with a smaller PSS file like “1.PSS”). X/X/X/X
Stolen SLUS-21099 v0.800 OB Not working. Freezes after a logo at startup. -/-/-/-
Strawberry Panic! SLPS-25612 v0.810 OB Working. 4/5/5/5
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology SLUS-21317 v0.810 OB Working X/X/X/X
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection SLKA-25183 v0.804 OB Working -/5/5/5
Street Fighter III: Third Strike SLPM-65621 v0.744 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Silent Scope SLES-50037 v0.821 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
Strikers 1945 I&II SLES-51741 v0.821 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
Summon Night GranThese: Horobi no Ken to Yakusoku no Kishi SLPS-25947 v0.805 OB working. 4/5/5/5
Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 SLPS-25227 v0.747B CB Working. X/X/X/X
Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 SLPM-55147 v0.747B CB Working. 4/5/5/4


Game title Catalog ID PS2ESDL version Remarks V/M/IG/LT performance ratings
Tales of the Abyss SLUS-21386 v0.720 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SLUS-20716 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Tekken Tag Tournament SLUS-20001 v0.744 “Prelim 1” CB Working. Need to enable “Force Synchronization”, and the opening video will not be fully played back (USB data transfer rates are too low). 0/5/5/5
Tekken 5 SLUS-21059 v0.800 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven SLUS-20397 v0.747B CB Working. X/X/X/X
The Flintstones Bedrock Racing SLES-54473 v0.810 OB Working. The performance seems good, and is perfectly playable. X/X/X/X
The Godfather SLUS-21384 v0.807 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy SLUS-21451 v0.746A CB Working. X/X/X/X
The Red Star SLUS-20885 v0.746A CB Working. X/X/X/X
The Rumble Fish SLPM-65919 v0.746B CB Working. X/X/X/X
The Warriors SLUS-21678 v0.747B CB Working. X/X/X/X
Timesplitters SLUS-20090 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Timesplitters 2 SLUS-20314 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Timesplitters Future Perfect SLUS-21148 v0.810 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Transformers: The Game SLUS-21602 v0.810 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced SLPM-55052 v0.820 OB Working, but the video suffers from pauses. 3/5/5/4
ToHeart 2 SLPS-25413 v0.735R CB Working. 4/5/5/5
True Crimes – Streets Of L.A. SLUS-20550 v0.750 CB Working. X/X/X/X


Game title Catalog ID PS2ESDL version Remarks V/M/IG/LT performance ratings
Ultimate Spiderman SLUS-20870 v0.810 OB Working. 5/5/5/S
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 SLPS-25441 v0.804 OB Working. Video goes out of sync with the audio. Select desired options quickly when at the main menu – or be prepared to experience intense slowdowns. 3/4/X/X
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