Compatibility Game PS2ESDL 5


Game title Catalog ID PS2ESDL version Remarks V/M/IG/LT performance ratings
Mahou Sensei Negima! Kagai Jugyou ~Otome no Dokidoki Beachside~ SLPM-66329 v0.800 OB Working. -/5/5/4
Mahou Sensei Negima! 1 Tokime – Magister Negi Magi SLPM-65871 v0.744 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Makai Kingdom SLUS-21170 v0.737J CB Working. A 8/16/32 sector cache is required to avoid the freeze at the “NOW LOADING” screen. X/X/X/X
Mana Khemia 2: The Fall Of Alchemy SLUS-21890 v0.800 OB Working. The user had performed a load test, and gameplay performance is untested for. 3/5/-/4
Marvel Super Hero Squad SLES-55572 v0.746A CB Working. X/X/X/X
Marvel vs Capcom 2 SLPM-62227 v0.752 CB Working (It ceased functioning somewhere between v0.744-v0.750). X/X/X/X
Mai-Otome: Otome Butoushi SLPS-25681 v0.720 CB Working. Stutters in videos. X/X/X/X
Maximo Ghosts to Glory SLUS-20017 v0.807 OB Working. 2/5/5/5
Max Payne SLUS-20230 v0.810 OB working. X/X/X/X
MegaMan X8 SLUS-20960 v0.810 OB Working./td> -/5/5/3
Megaman X Command Mission SLUS-20903 v0.731 CB Working. Not working on older builds due to a core bug. X/X/X/X
Melty Blood: Actress Again SLPM-55184 v0.807 OB Working. -/5/5/5
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza SLPM-66438 v0.807 OB Working. -/5/5/5
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance SLUS-20554 v0.800 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater SLXX-????? v0.710 CB Partially working (Hangs when you attempt buy online). User did not specify the catalog ID. X/X/X/X
Metal Gear 3: Subsistence SLUS-21359 v0.720 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Metal Slug 4 SLPS-25376 v0.744 “Prelim 1” CB Working. X/X/X/X
Metal Slug Anthology SLUS-21550 v0.737G CB Working. 4/5/5/4
Monopoly Party SLUS-20348 v0.750 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Monster Hunter SLUS-20896 v0.807 OB Working. 5/5/5/5
MotoGP 08 SLES-55266 v0.810 OB Working. 4/5/5/4
Motorstorm: Arctic Edge SLES-55573 v0.737J CB Working. 5/5/5/5
Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monk SLUS-21087 v0.750 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Mushimesama SLPM-66056 v0.800 OB Working. -/5/5/5


Game title Catalog ID PS2ESDL version Remarks V/M/IG/LT performance ratings
Nascar 09 SLES-55199 v0.725A CB Working. X/X/X/X
Natsu Shoujo: Promised Summer SLPM-65634 v0.800 OB working. Some stuttering near the centre of the OP video. 4.5/5/5/5
NBA 2010 SLUS-21908 v0.730 CB working. X/X/X/X
Need for Speed: Most Wanted SLUS-21351 v0.742 CB Working. Use a 32-sector cache to minimise video stutter. X/X/X/X
Need for Speed: Underground 2 SLUS-21065 v0.743F CB Working. No stutters in videos noticed. 5/5/5/4


Game title Catalog ID PS2ESDL version Remarks V/M/IG/LT performance ratings
Odin Sphere SLUS-21577 v0.742 CB Working. X/X/X/X
Onimusha 2 – Samurai’s Destiny SLUS-20393 v0.808 OB Working. X/X/X/X
Okami SLUS-21115 v0.807 OB Working. 2/5/5/4
Otome Hao Anesama ni Koi Shiteru SLPM-66165 v0.800 OB Working. The opening video stutters very badly. 3/5/5/5
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